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Welcoming of the Guests # 1


I would like to take a moment to recognize the family members of Groom and Bride and to thank them for their love, support and devotion, as they grew from adolescence and into the two beautiful individuals who are here before us on this special day. We thank you for teaching them values and being there and showing them the beauty and joy of loving another. This is also a time to celebrate all of those who have touched your lives, but are not able to be with us in person today, but are here in spirit. We are a part of everyone who has ever loved us, let us remember them with a moment of silent reflection.


Welcoming of the Guests # 2


Welcome family and friends. In the eyes of God and each other, we are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to cherish the words that will unite the lives of Groom and Bride


Welcoming of the Guests # 3


I would like to welcome the friends and family of (Bride) and (Groom), who have gathered here today to celebrate the coming together of two lives. The bond of Holy Matrimony is the deepest of all human relationships and no moment is more filled with meaning, no vow more sacred, no human tie more tender, no act more decisive, and no time more memorable than the decision to live together as husband and wife.


Welcoming of the Guests # 4


Groom and Bride would like to also thank you all for being here with them today, and for supporting them through everything that it has taken to make this day a reality. They know that your taking the time, and making the journey, took considerable effort for a good many of you and they wanted you all to know the deep appreciation and gratitude that they feel in their hearts for this. All of you are the most important, and have been the most influential people in their lives. All of the time, and conversations, that you have had with Groom and Bride even before they met have helped to make them who they needed to be to first find themselves and then each other. You have shared in their best and their worst days, and you are an irreplaceable part of their yesterdays, their today and all of their tomorrows. For all of you are among the greatest gifts that life has given them. All of you are those they can call Family and Friend."


Welcoming of the Guests # 5


Welcome to family and friends. We are here to participate in a wedding. By this act we unite Groom and Bride as husband and wife. What we do today is done in conformity to the laws of the state of Florida and in the tradition of men and women of all places and times.


Welcoming of the Guests # 6


Amid the hectic pace of today's world it is easy to lose site of the important things in life. Although I'm sure that you are all very happy to be here with them, they wanted very much to express how deeply grateful they are to have you both here today and in their lives. All of you are those nearest and dearest to them. You all supply them with different aspects of that which they will need to accomplish their goal of living a long and happy life together. Those of you who have the wisdom of age, it is from you whom they can seek council in times of difficulty. In the children here, they see the embodiment of their hopes and dreams for the future. And the rest of you... You are like the personal record keepers of times and places and events in their lives. Without all of you and the sharing of these events our memories would lose the scents and colors and the flavor and emotion that keeps them vibrant and alive. Without all of you the past would fade to black and white over time, so please remember that your presence here is a vital part in this celebration."

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